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Arctostaphylos patula- Greenleaf Manzanita- Karok: pahaav / -20F (zone 5) / Sun-Pt. Shade/ 6'x6' - Rare in cultivation. Evergreen living sculpture, early bloomer with edible berries. I suspect that stands of A. patula grow adjacent to sasquatch dens deep in the forests of E. Washington and N. Idaho, but have yet to be documented by scientist. This species' native range is quite peculiar. It is very common in the Great Basin as well as dry mountain forests in California and Oregon, where it grows in plant communities and climates very much like our own. For some reason, A. patula crosses into Washington near White Salmon, but is found nowhere else in the state except for a small pocket near Lake Chelan. It has never been documented in Eastern WA or Idaho, but oddly there are small disjunct populations in W. Montana near Thompson Falls, Flathead Lake, and Lost Trial Pass. This gorgeous shrub should be growing all around us! What gives?!

Arctostaphylos patula

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